What We Do at Sydney Aged Care Assist

Silver Service Package - The Essentials - 

The age care system can be daunting. New terminology, fees, charges, effects on pension entitlements etc,  all this during what is already a very emotional time. Many people find they simply don't know where to start.

Get the facts, understand the system and how it works and what fees and charges you can expect to pay. We also provide an affordability analysis and get you started in the right direction.

Gold Service Package - Accommodation included! - 

All of the above plus our guaranteed placement service. Using our extensive, constantly updated availability database and contacts, we will assist you in finding a suitable care facility to match your agreed requirements.

We will send you email updates of suitable availability and contact details, for up to one month.  If required, we will assist in liaising with the facility to arrange a time to inspect.


Gold Service Guarantee

If after four weeks we have not been able to come up with a minimum of three positions that meet the agreed criteria, you will continue to receive updates until we do!  Please note that due to severely limited availability, secure dementia positions are limited to one for the purpose of the Gold Service Guarantee.


Diamond Service Package - Aged Care Advice withe Lot - 

A comprehensive package including all of the above, plus specific aged care financial advice from Southern Sydney's  leading aged care financial advice specialists.

Not everybody needs this level of service but for many people, obtaining specialist financial advice can save literally thousands of dollars per year in fees, tax and lost pension entitlements.

Above all you will know that having sought independent, professional advice, you are in a position to make an informed decision regarding your aged care finances.

Already found a place?

Perhaps you've already located a position and just need some help working out the best financial approach with regards to funding your care, the family home,  Pension entitlements, Estate planning etc.

You can contact Zenith Financial Planning directly here http://zenith.hillross.com.au or on 02 9525 7977.