What We Do at Sydney Aged Care Assist

The age care system can be daunting. New terminology, fees, charges, effects on pension entitlements etc,  all this during what is already a very emotional time. Many people find they simply don't know where to start.

Get the facts, understand the system and how it works and what fees and charges you can expect to pay. We also provide an affordability analysis and get you started in the right direction.

  • Understanding the Issues - We can clarify the rules & regulations;
  • Options & Strategies - Evaluate your options to find the best result;
  • Sell your Home or keep it - We will explain the difference and implications;
  • Fees & Charges - We will find the best way to minimise ongoing fees;
  • Centrelink and DVA Pensions - Maximising your entitlements;
  • Estate Planning - Review to ensure you achieve your goals;
  • Finding an Aged care Placement - We can help;

Already found a place?

Perhaps you've already located a position and just need some help working out the best financial approach with regards to funding your care, the family home,  Pension entitlements, Estate planning etc.

You can contact Zenith Financial Planning directly here http://zenith.hillross.com.au or on 02 9525 7977.