Sydney Aged Care Advice and Vacancy Placement Specialists

The decision to put a parent or loved one into residential Aged Care is a difficult one.  Feelings of guilt, loss, trepidation and confusion are all too common. 

There are so many things to consider and many people simply do not know where to start.  Finding appropriate accommodation is difficult and often the clock is ticking. Family members find themselves wasting time looking at facilities that are unlikely to have availability, are unaffordable or not suitable.

On top of this, it seems there is a never ending pile of paperwork to be completed and decisions to be made.  Centrelink assessments, ACAT assessments, Bonds, Care fees etc. the list seems endless and rarely makes sense.

This is where Sydney Aged Care Assist can help.  Your preferences in regards to a facility will be matched against our constantly updated availability data base.  We will take into account care level, location, affordability, and options such as extra services.  We will then provide you with a short list of suitable vacancies and contact details to arrange an appointment with the facility.

Firstly, your consultant will assist you in understanding the entire Aged care process.  From organising an ACAT assessment, the difference between high and low care accommodation; through to what all the fees and charges are and how it all fits in with Centrelink and DVA.

Your consultant will help you determine the residents financial position, whether all of those endless forms actually need completing (and assistance in doing so!)  They will also assess whether there is an advantage to be gained by seeking specialist advice. We have brought together a range of professionals from the various fields to assist you through this difficult time.

We can provide referrals to Financial Planners, Solicitors, Property consultants and Accountants, all of whom have specialised knowledge in the areas of Aged Care, Centrelink and other issues facing the elderly and deal with many people in your situation.